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There’s no way to know if NSA spyware is on your hard drive

U.S National Security Agency has purposely created malware, which infects personal computer hard disk drives and solid-state drives. This Malware is cannot be detected by any other antivirus programs.

According to Russian security software maker Kaspersky Lab, the spyware that infects a drive’s firmware can also create a treasure trove of data for any government organization controlling drives.

Kaspersky released a report stating that it had founded the spyware on hard drives in personal computers from 30 countries, including the U.S. The company said that the malware which is called as Fanny, has been in use for almost two decades and it is predated like Stuxnet, another NSA spyware which came out in 2010. Stuxnet is a computer worm which was developed by the NSA to crack the Iran’s nuclear program.

According to Reuters, one of the former NSA employees gave a report saying NSA had developed an award-wining technique of hiding spyware in hard drives and he also said that he did not know which spy efforts are relied on it.

The latest spyware was discovered on hard drives of major manufacturers which include Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, Toshiba, IBM and even SSD makers such as Micron and Samsung. Infected industries also include telecommunications, aerospace, energy, nuclear research, oil and gas, military and nanotechnology. If once the hard drive gets infected by this spyware, it is impossible to scan its firmware. It is also said that no one can find whether your HDD is infected or not.

If the hard drive infected by spyware, it will become dangerous each time when ever your PC boots up. This means your computer will get infected again and again without the user’s knowledge.

However, NSA has also revealed they have the ways to source code from technology firms. Experts also said that, deploying the spyware will be more difficult and an expensive process.

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