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Service deal with the group Business Ideas

The IT Giant BDIT group has been selected

as technical head for the group “Business ideas”. BDIT has been chosen amongst ten IT Companies to serve Business Ideas” in a tender meeting held on 20, sep, 2012. Business Ideas is a consultancy group based at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia working in the area of providing all kinds of business management solutions to its clients. The group comprises of twenty five websites on various extensions and around 50 accounts at various social networking sites.
Since long the management of Business Idea has been thinking to fully outsource its IT department so that the Company can be run in a highly professional manner. BDIT got the tender successfully with its worldwide potential. Under this agreement, BDT will be required to handle all the IT related issues of Business Ideas group that involves redesigning of all its present websites that matches the todays’ thinking. Posting of regular updates on various social networking sites and blogs. Alongwith BDIT will also take the responsibility of managing the Brand building of the group through its online marketing strategies.
The deal has been finalized in conformity with the growth plans of the BDIT group and will prove to be of great significance in the coming arena and will further strengthen our position in IT domain. The management of BDIT congratulated and motivated its people to best prove their abilities by making efficient use of this opportunity.

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