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Make in India: Vaultize Technologies

Vaultize Technologies is an India based company that has begun its journey in 2010 with strategic sales is now expanding its roots to Europe, Middle East and now to the US.


In 2010, two IIT-Bombay graduates who have played different roles in global MNCs like Symantec and McAfee for over ten years had come together to take an initiative step. Vaultize Technologies, a security technology company came to life to answer the enterprises with security, data loss and compliance risk issues. AnandKekre and AnkurPanchbudhe as CEO and CTO of Vaultize Technologies respectively offers solutions for issues that arise from using the consumer file sharing, mobility and the growing trend of BYOD.

Rooting by providing solution to burning a Problem:

Peoplewidely using cloud-based file sharing and sync servicesbecame a potential threatfor enterprises and businesses since it resulted in data loss, security issues and compliance risks.Vaultize Technologies offered them a solution by building a platform that  can provide secure file sharing and sync, mobile content management, VPN-free anywhere access to corporate repositories, data access control, data privacy, end-to-end encryption and continuous data protection.

Vaultize Technologies, Made in India:

It is 100 percent Indian company with entire R&D department locatedin India. Even though they have offices in US and Singapore, the management operations are carried out from of India.


AnandKekre and AnkurPanchbudhe launched the Vaultize Enterprise Platform. It was a tough situation & gaining customer validation in India was too.  In 2013, they got funded by the Tata Capital Innovation Fund which fueled their expansion at a greater pace.


Today, not only Vaultize have sales offices in US and Singapore but also hundreds of happy clients across the globe, providing services for clients in various sectors like banking, manufacturing, finance, etc.

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