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How to Switch Industries and Survive

In recent years, industries job market has slashed down and the top recruiters saw a flood of applications from the people who wants to come out of the tight market and apply their skills in another industry.

According to industry switchers, it is a good tactic to switch the industry and extend their career. Switching industries are easier for the more juniors and it will be smooth for those who keep on changing the industry, rather than working in the same market for years.

But, it is also possible for the senior people who have long history in working in the same market and even in the market in which employers are demanding for specific skills.
Over the past 18 months, we have seen a lot of career changing among the people. The trusted recruiters are very important for your targeting jobs at the very high end of the job market. You need to work under the core functions of an industry, which will be easy for you to separate from your job functions from the industry in which you are working.

Someone might work in a core operation, but their personal core skill will be another one. If they are looking to change the industry, they just to the same work in different industry. Freshen your career prospects rather than changing the companies or industries.

A key to make your transition successful, you need to be an inventory of your own skills, which should be appropriate for the industry you’re targeting. You need to understand the employers or industries requirements and you must change the way you would do your job. Add research to your understanding, as this will help your job you are targeting for.

Employers don’t look for the employees who are a long learning curve. They want someone who hits the ground and are helpful for their company growth.
Finally, before you start your career, present yourself well on paper!

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