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Exploring new area: Online marketing

The Board of directors of BDIT at

their meetingheld on 15 oct 2012 discussed about the increasing demand of online marketing by various business houses. The Board discussed that the Online marketing which has become a necessity not only for giving ones’ business a boost but to survive in this competitive market is a very exploring area and Company can establish a large client base in this area. The Board also took note of the requests and queries placed by existing client on BDIT in this area.
After considering all the above aspects and subsequent to detailed discussion with the other members of the Board, the Chairman of the meeting announced that a new enterpriseby the name of “Spiders Online marketing” be launched after a time period of two months. The enterprise will dedicate itself to satisfy the market demand of online e-marketing.The Board also lay down the significance of the name which is synonym to creating a web on online marketing. The members of the Board requested the executive team of the Company to present a complete report in this regard covering the details relating to prospective clients, major competitors, market conditions and requirements in this relation. The executives were also told to lay down a blue print of the execution plan of the launch of “Spiders Online marketing”.

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