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Serving Every Business Needs

Every business has its individual requirements that are needed to be addressed in a specific manner. Every business has its own concerns and capabilities. BDIT group has been established with an aim to identify these capabilities and utilize them optimally in removing the concerns of a business.
BDIT group has got a solution for everyone. The group has been widely accepted by numerous entrepreneurs for satisfying their needs. We have the expertise and experience of working for most of the business sectors

Banking & Financial Indutry

The rich background of our promoters in asset financing,capital market with the techno functional expertise lends us a unique position 
in this critical sector.

Manufacturing Industry

BDIT has been providing cost efficient solutions to the various manufacturing industries be it construction, steel, fiber producers etc. for so long and optimizes their business value.

Healthcare and Medical Technology

We aim at providing the best technological support to Healthcare industry with the best applications for preventative treatment designed in a eco-friendly procedure.

Innovative Solutions for Government

BDIT implemented the concept of e registry for various Govt. ministries and developed the most innovative programs related to education (e learning), population statistics, monitoring.

Telecommunications industry

BDIT services ranges from entire mobile communications value chain covering 3G, 4G, Next Gen networks, IMS etc. to developing smart apps for mobile devices.

Media & Entertainment Industry

With a client centric approach, we possess major experience in this industry by working on key businesses like digital entertainment, 3D animations, script editing. We also cater to content distribution.