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Diwali celebrations at BDIT

BDIT celebrated the festival of Diwali on

12th November, 2012 at The Great India Palace, with so much excitement and happiness. The interesting theme of the party was Light and Bright and everyone tried and ofcourse managed their best to give a lightening and brightened effect to the venue.

This is a festival of lights. Everyone was in the rocking mood since morning. The function started with lighting of lamps in beautiful and impressive shapes all around the party hall. The group with the “Best decorated Bay” with the help of lamps bagged the winner trophy in this category.

The second highlight of the event was the Rangoli competition to be drawn with the help of colorful sands and flowers. Everyone came well prepared for this competition and designed such impressive images with colorful sands and flowers.  Every team spared no efforts to enliven the festival spirit to the greatest extent possible. The group that designed impressive Lord Ganesha won the winner trophy.

Thereafter everyone was called on to the stage and dance on the rocking music. Everyone shaked their legs best to the rocking numbers. The celebrations werewrapped up with Diwali Pujan in the evening, followed by small amount of fireworks.

The management hereby appreciates the brotherhood and humanity between all the employees. And expects that BDIT group will be known as a family forever.  And put together the event was fantastic and turned out to be a prosperous andhappy day for all of us.

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