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BDIT technology partner with Muleja Municipal Council:-

BDIT selected as the unbeaten technology partner by the Muleja Municpal Council (MMC) of Saudi Arab. The Chairman of the BDIT group gave this big news to the entire group on 3rd Dec, 2013. He addresses the staff of BDIT group in a small get together and told them that MMC is a Government body working in the area of provision of basic amenities to the citizens of Saudi Arab. Since long time MMC has been looking for an enterprise to look after their e governance project. Through this project the citizens of Saudi Arab will be able to contact the relevant Municipal Council of their area in relation to their grievances through an electronic portal i.e. website. The website will be a direct platform of interaction between the Municipal Council and local citizens of Saudi Arab.
After rounds of conversation and on the basis of our proposal detailing what all have we got to offer them BDIT finally won the tender and has been chosen as their technology partner on this e governance project. The Chairman has rated the winning of this project as a milestone in the business cycle of BDIT

BDIT in the coming days will prepare a blue print for the implementation of the entire project for the perusal of the MMC. The website will be one of its kind offering a very secure and hi tech gateway for interaction supported by a highly secured hosting. Like always, the Chairman of BDIT credit this achievement also to the unbeatable and the talented team of the BDIT group whose fast response in preparing the proposal lands BDIT in achieving this project. The project is likely to run over a duration of 8-12 months. The Chairman asked for the continued support of its team members for successful completion of this project.

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